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Despacho is the Quechua word for offering. The despacho ceremony is one of the core ceremonial practices and healing interventions of the Andes. When doing a despacho a shaman or healer makes offerings to the Mountain spirits, the Earth, the elements, and other spirits. There are said to be more than three hundred different types of despachos.

The kits offered here are authentic from the Shamans' Market in Cusco. Each kit contains the primary ingredients of the despacho ceremony (red/white wine, coca/bay leaves, and flowers not included). Some damage to delicate ingredients may occur in transit. The ingredients will vary slightly with each kit. The medium Ayni Despacho has more of some ingredients than the regular one. It also has a few additional items. There are some ingredients that could be split so that you would have enough for two despachos. View a larger image by clicking on the despacho kits.

If you are interested in creating your own Despacho kits we offer an assortment of ingredients. Click here for a detailed list of ingredients... Despacho ingredients›››

Kutti Despacho Kit Kutti Despacho Kit
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Ayni Despacho Kit Ayni Despacho Kit
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Venta Despacho Kit Venta Despacho (Business) Kit
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Medium Ayni Despacho Kit Medium
Ayni Despacho
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